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How to Approach SEBI with your Complaint 

(The market regulator has initiated a centralized online system for lodging and tracking complaints. Here's how to redress your grievances.)

1. File the Complaint

For registering a complaint, access and click on the 'Complaint Registration' tab under 'Investor Corner'

2.  Enter your Details

(a) Enter your personal details and select a category among the following options
  • Listed companies/registrar & travel agents
  • Brokers/stock exchanges
  • Depository participants/depository
  • Mutual Funds
  • Other entities
  • Information to Sebi
(b) Enter specific details of the complaint in the specific category.

3. Supporting documents

Supporting documents up to 1 MB can be attached in the PDF format. In case the data to be loaded for each category is more than 1 MB, it can be sent by post to any of the Sebi offices.

4. Registration number


On filing the complaint, a unique registration number will be generated, which can be used for future correspondence. An e-mail acknowledging the complaint with the complaint registration number will also be sent to the e-mail ID entered in the complaint registration form.

Sending a reminder

If you want to send a reminder for the lodged complaint, click on 'Send Reminder' under 'Investor Corner' on the home page. Provide details like registration number, reminder details and the security code.

If you are not satisfied with the response

You can file a fresh complaint, send a mail to the officer entrusted with the complaint, take up the complaint with senior officers, or initiate legal proceedings against the entity.

Track your complaint

To check your complaint status, click on 'View Complaint Status' under 'Investor Corner' on the home page
  • Provide the complaint registration number which was allotted at the time of registration
  • Enter your password 
    • In case of online complaints, your e-mail address is your password.
    • In case of physical complaints, send to Sebi, enter the password send to you by Sebi in the acknowledgement letter.
  • On verifying the correctness of registration number, password and security code, the current status of your complaint is displayed.

How complaint is processed?

The complaint is scrutinized by Sebi  to see if the subject falls under its purview. If it does, Sebi forwards it to the concerned entity with an advice to send a written reply to the investors and file an action-taken report within 30 days.

Your complaint may not be taken up if

  • is incomplete or not specific
  • ...the allegation is not supported by documents
  • are simply offering suggestions or seeking guidance/explanation
  • want to seek explanation for non-trading or illiquidity of shares
  • are not satisfied with the trading price of shares
  • is about non-listing of shares of a private offer
  • concerns disputes arising from a private agreement with companies/intermediaries.

Points to Note

  1. A complaint that has been taken up with the company concerned can be registered on SCORES if the investor is not satisfied with the response.
  2. Unlisted companies and entities not registered with Sebi are not covered by SCORES.
  3. An investor, who is not familiar with SCORES or has no access to the website, can lodge a complaint in the physical form by mail to any Sebi office. Such complaints are scanned and uploaded in SCORES for processing.
  4. You can also call up Sebi's toll-free helpline service number for guidance
    • 1800 266 7575   OR

    • 1800 22 7575

          (The service is available in 14 languages)


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