Friday, July 15, 2011

E-Filing of I-Tax

Make sure your e-return is not rejected
If you are e-filing your tax returns, here are the errors you should avoid while sending ITR V 

Your return can be rejected if the guidelines laid down by the Income Tax Department are not followed while filing returns, be it physically or online. If you are e-filing and not using the digital signature, you will have to print out the acknowledgement form, ITR V. Here are the things you should keep in mind while using the option.

Printing ITR V
Printing the ITR V form correctly is critical. Avoid using the dot matrix printer if you want your return to be processed faster. This is because the bar code on the ITR V should be clearly visible for quicker processing, and this can be done only by using the ink jet or laser printers. Take the printout in black ink only. If you are sending two returns, don't print them back to back. Use a fresh A4 size sheet to print each time. Perforated paper or of any other size is not acceptable.

The signature on the form must be clear and legible. For this a ball-point pen in blue ink only. Also, if you are taking photocopies, make sure you send out the original one signed in blue ink. A photocopy of the signature is not accepted.

The filing of non-digitally signed returns is completed only when the ITR V reaches the CPC in Bangalore. So, make sure that your ITR V reaches the destination within 120 days of e-filing. In case it does not reach CPC Bangalore within the stipulated period, you will have to go through the agony of filing your tax return again. Earlier, you could not send more than one ITR V per envelope, but now, you can include more than one such form. Do not attach other documents, such as photocopies of Form 16 or TDS certificates along with the ITR V. Even annexure documents don't need to be attached. Dispatch it in an envelope that can hold an A4 size paper without folding it to:

Income Tax Department – CPC
Post Bag No - 1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bengaluru - 560100, Karnataka

Other filing errors
Taxpayers often make mistakes that lead to deduction or incorrect calculation of taxes. One of these is not declaring the correct break-up of deductions under Section VIA, which includes tax-saving investments in life and health insurance policies, mutual funds, bank fixed deposits, etc. It is essential to have the tax filing details like deductee's PAN details, PAN & TAN of the deductor, total amount paid, total taxes deducted and deposited in Form 16/Form 26AS.

In case of a change in the residential address, make the necessary alterations in the PAN database since the IT Department refers to it for correspondence. Do not mention bank accounts that are closed or even dormant because refunds are unlikely to reach you in such a case.

No response from CPC
The CPC dispatches an acknowledgement on receiving the ITR V. Ideally, it should reach you within three days. If you don't receive it, consider sending it again. You can send it through regular post service or speed post. Do not use the courier or deliver it personally. You can call 1800-425-2229 (Toll free) and 080-22546500 (Direct) from 9am to 8pm on working days to check the status. It can also be done online at

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  1. need some help. what is form-12c? i suppose it is something to do with home loan interest. but, in the form, i find nothing related to it. can you please advise?